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This recipe is about making Dr. Greger’s Eight Check-Mark Vegan Pesto; one of the most delicious and healthy plant-based recipes I’ve ever tried. If you enjoy tasty food, make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming videos.

Visit for the ingredients list, extra info, and more video recipes.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Greger’s Eight Check-Mark Pesto | The Vegan Corner

  1. OH MY GOD this is so amazing!!! thank you vegan corner and dr. greger, this
    is a life changer! and honestly only takes 5 minutes to make <3

  2. I hope dr Greger is ok with you guys making this video. But then again, he
    isn’t the type to file a fallacious copyright claim ?

  3. Hey , i really am a huge fan of your channel but I have a special request
    that I’m realllly hoping you’ll consider especially if you enjoy trying new
    things. Before I became vegan I really loved a South African dish called
    Tomato Bredie and I’m not really sure how to make it vegan. Since you make
    such delicious food and have great recipes I was hoping you’d be able to
    come up with a creative recipe. I hope you see this and consider my
    request. Thanks a lot ♡♡♡♡

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