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This recipe is on how to make traditional Italian Deep-pan pizza. In this episode we’ll show you how easy it is to make a delicious and easy to digest pizza from scratch. If you enjoy tasty recipes, stay tuned for more upcoming videos.

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11 thoughts on “Deep-pan pizza (Guru version) | The Vegan Corner

    1. That’s totally OK! It is one of the many ways to get to the final
      bread/pizza; It will obviously take a whole lot of time, but it is as
      efficient as any other rising method if properly done.

  1. hello guys i tried the recipe and its amazing but the portion is too big
    can i use one half and freeze the other ?? if yes please let me know how <3

    1. Unfortunately I’ve never tried to freeze dough myself. However there are
      plenty of articles in regard, like this one here:

      I hope this helps 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your entire youtube channel ! It brightened my vegan
    life so much 😀
    And this pizza recipe is just fantastic, it allowed me to taste the best
    homemade pizza I ever done ! However I couldn’t yet manage to have a nice
    crust on my pizza despite the oil I use to cover the dough during the
    rising time. Is there an other way to make the final pizza more crusty ?
    By the way your mozzarella recipe was beyond expectations , so good, you
    guys are artists !

    1. Thanks for all the beautiful words and for watching our videos 😀 For a
      crustier pizza, I would recommend to brush it with a little more oil, and
      to increase the oven temperature of about 10 degrees, which should pretty
      much give you the results you want. However, this kind of pizza is not
      meant to yield a crust as ‘crusty’ as a regular round pizza, so don’t be
      too stressed if it doesn’t come out exactly as you want it. I hope this
      helps 🙂

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