Daiya Vegan Pizza Taste Test | Previously Recorded

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I finally tried the Daiya fire-roasted vegetable pizza. In this video, I review the product.
Even though I wasn’t a fan, I do like this brand was right in the aisle with the other pizzas. The more accessible vegan options the better!
Have you tried this pizza?

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9 thoughts on “Daiya Vegan Pizza Taste Test | Previously Recorded

  1. This is completely and totally off subject, but your eyebrows look awesome
    and I wanted to know (topic shift again) if you could briefly discuss your
    loc care routine. Thanks for being honest in all of your videos and for the
    quick and easy recipes.

  2. I eat this exact pizza and LOVE it. It’s a vegan guilty pleasure junk food
    for me. Different folks different strokes I guess.

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