Cookie Dough Easy Vegan Recipe

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Join Us in our kitchen with this reafy Cookie dough. This recipe is free of the Wheat, eggs, and dairy. You can eat it raw or bake it for a soft cookie! We will be featuring 3 recipes, including one with pinto beans instead of Garbanzo beans.

The Bards kitchen cookie dough

1 can of Chickpeas/pinto beans
⅓ Cup of seed/nut/soy/coconut butter
2 tsp of Vanilla extract
1 tbsp of GF flour
2 tbsp of choice liquid sweetener (more can be added)
¼ Cup of chocolate Chips
1 pinch salt

Combine all ingredients minus chocolate chips in a food processor. Run for several minutes until a smooth “dough” forms.
Transfer to a bowl and add chocolate chips. Mix until incorporated.
If you would like baked cookies set oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit and cook for about 15 minutes.
You can also chill it and serve with a spoon or graham crackers or other lightly sweet baked good.

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