Chinese pumpkin pancake pie sticky rice dessert vegan Halloween recipe 南瓜饼

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It’s like the Chinese version of mochi cake but fried. Traditionally adults would want to order a bowl of warm noodle soup “yang chun” to finish a dinner party, but kids would always prefer something sweet, like this pumpkin pie or taro pastries.

It’s also the first thing which came to my mind when I was planning to cook something Chinese with pumpkin. When you aren’t sure what to do with your left over pumpkins, just get a bag of sticky rice flour, make a patch of those cute pancakes/pies & freeze them in the fridge.

Use cold pan & oil when frying, stick rice can get burned super easily.

For the steamed pumpkin sticky rice recipe:

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Ingredients:4 portions

600g pumpkin
360g sticky rice flour
60g sugar

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7 thoughts on “Chinese pumpkin pancake pie sticky rice dessert vegan Halloween recipe 南瓜饼

  1. That looks delicious..^^ Quite a hard work to split the pumpkin sine they
    are too hard ..but I guess its worth it ..Good work Yi~~

    1. Haha, I love pumpkins. It’s good for everything. The another day I even saw
      pumpkin juice for sale here. Thanks for watching Jane.

  2. Looks good, Yi. I’ll make them if I ever get home….probably ill add
    powdered sugar or cinnamon om top. Have a great day

    1. +Greg Harris They’r pretty oily after frying. Definitely dry them with
      kitchen towel before adding icing sugar. My husband would probability like
      to have some cinnamon too. 🙂 thanks for the good idea.

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