Candy Corn inspired Cookies for Halloween VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE Recipe

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Halloween is coming soon guys so today i have another Halloween recipe for you all. mmm….I love candy corn but sadly they aren’t vegan so i can’t eat them. But these cookies taste way better anyways. Happy Halloween! And thanks for watching!

Last video: “Vegan Mini Dirt Cake for Halloween Recipe”

Transitions & effects made by the talented Evananas:

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Composer: Anders Ekengren

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  1. awww you are nearly at 2k subsscribers CONGRATS!!!! i LOVED THE VIDEO OMG,
    your voice is so sweet and the video shots are great, clean and simple 🙂 i
    just subscribed to your channel lovely lady and i would appreciate it a ton
    if you could check out my page and sub back if you like it <3 :)

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