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In celebration of one of the funnest holidays ever created Candice and James got together with the Hellthy Junkfood channel creators, JP and Julia, and made a hilarious Bob’s Burgers Halloween Special spoof.


In this Halloween special they create the “Hummus a Tune Burger”, a true tribute to the way Bob names each special of the day burger. To create this vegan friendly burger you will start by making your Garlic Aioli. Put a healthy amount of vegan mayonnaise into a bowl, add garlic, and lastly some lemon. Just refer to the video regarding the amounts. Stir that all together well until it’s evenly mixed.

Next you will need to create your tahini dressing. This is, at the core of it all, a falafel burger and you can’t have a falafel without tahini dressing. Add some lemon juice to your garlic and stir it well then set it aside. Cook your veggie burgers on a flat top style cooking surface if you have one, if not you can just as easily make them in frying pan. Simply follow the directions on the package. If you happen to have a flat top style cooking surface than you also have a golden opportunity. As your veggie burgers start to reach the point of being cooked throw your buns on there and let them toast for a bit, no too long as you do not want them to burn, just turn light brown.

Take two of your toasted pieces of bun and put a nice big clump of hummus on each one then spread the hummus evenly. Add a big piece of leafy lettuce to the bottom bun and place your veggie burger on top. On your top bun add your Garlic Aioli and just a bit of harissa hot sauce. Your next step is to put some onion rings on your veggie burger and top those with the tahini sauce you created earlier. Then simply put your top bun onto your burger and you have now made the “Hummus a Tune Burger”.

It’s clear from watching this that everyone had an absolute riot filming it and any fan of Bob’s Burgers would agree that everyone did a spot-on job of imitating the characters. The Hellthy Junkfood crew even gave the burger an official carnivore approved stamp.

A special thanks to JP and Julia for the appearance and be sure to check out their channel for more recipes, but be warned they are not vegan or vegetarian.

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