Best Protein Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (Gluten Free, Vegan, Healthy)

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Hello !! Here is the Recipe for my Protein Cookies !!!

2 Tablespoons Ground Flaxseed
6 Tablespoons Water
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
3/4 cup Unflavoured Plant Based Protein (if flavoured, skip the Stevia)
3/4 cup Peanut Butter
3/4 cup Stevia
Chocolate Chips

Pre Heat Oven to 350
Mix the Ground Flaxseed with the water and Vanilla Extract in small bowl, set aside.
In a mixer, mix the Peanut Butter and Protein Powder together.
Once combined, pour in the Ground Flaxseed mix after.
Once combined, add the Stevia.

On a baking sheet, form round cookie dough balls on the pan, should make 14 cookies.

Add four chocolate chips on for a bit of added sweetness (like I did) or add however many you like.

Insert the baking pan into the oven for 6 minutes. Add a minute or two longer if you want it to be more crispy, crunchy.

At the end every cookie will contain 5.75 grams of protein and approximately 77.4 calories each cookie (that is including the four chocolate chips on each cookie)
without chocolate chips it will be about 68 calories a cookie.
I don’t track my calories but for any of you that are, I thought I would do the calculations ahead of time for you.

Perfect snack for weight loss or if you want to tone up for summer, lose weight, workout snack ideas, etc.

Enjoy !!

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