Berrylicious Metabolism Booster: Vegan Weight Loss Drink | Cooking With Plants

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The powder that I use in this recipe is called Konjac powder. It can be found in some Asian grocery stores and also online at Amazon:

If you want to lose weight or just boost your energy and feel great, then my whole food recipes are perfect for you. This Berrylicious Metabolism booster is just one of the many vegan weight loss recipes and strategies that you can use to feel full and fight those lingering hunger pangs…

Not sure how to transform Your Health, Body and Energy with a plant based diet? Here are some great ways to learn more and feel great…

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5 thoughts on “Berrylicious Metabolism Booster: Vegan Weight Loss Drink | Cooking With Plants

  1. Where have you been? You were gone along time!!! I know
    You & your husband were going threw a ruff time!!!

  2. Sooo good to see you back Anja. You were one of the very first plant based influencers I started following when trying to transition to plant based lifestyle. I’ve learned a lot from you. Thank you!!

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