Bake Like a Vegan Pro! Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery Live Q & A with Sara Kidd

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I recently had the honor of being interviewed on a live Facebook interview by Sara Kidd of Vegan Bakes by Sara Kidd.

Sara has a YouTube channel where she shows amazing Vegan Baking Recipes with tons of tips & tricks here

Her Facebook Group is called Vegan Cake Decorating ~ All Types of Vegan Baking & Resources

*Apologies in advance for the audio! This was the first episode Sara did live, so her audio was really bad, but mine was good, and I did most of the talking (as usual LOL)

In this live interview we discuss:
– My transition from non-vegan baker to vegan baker
– My top tips and tricks for baking vegan cakes, making butter cream and egg replacers
– My recipe book Modern Vegan Baking
–My involvement in the development of the Plant Based Egg~ Egg Replacer Product with Freely Vegan


Check out my new book Modern Vegan Baking available on Amazon!

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5 thoughts on “Bake Like a Vegan Pro! Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery Live Q & A with Sara Kidd

  1. Your last few cakes have been as beautiful as the ones before you went vegan.Your tall beautiful cakes are your wheelhouse.

  2. Again sorry for the terrible audio on Sara’s end, mine was good and I did most of the talking as usual LOL
    Also I’m not sure why my face is so giant compared to hers…. yikes! Don’t do full screen! LOL

    Here are the timestamps:
    18:30 best baking tips
    25:12 butter substitutes
    33:28 egg replacer recommendations and tips
    34:10 vegan whipped cream and butter cream tips
    34:30 icings and fillings
    41:14 flax eggs
    43:15 freezing vegan cakes

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