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7 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything | Vegan Friday Live Stream | The Edgy Veg

  1. can you do a remake of papas rellenas please! It’s a puerto rican dish that
    you find in cuchifritos. They’re fried potato balls stuffed with meat…
    VEGAN please :)

  2. I often want tshirts with cute sayings but the problem is, everyone offers
    the same style or similar style shirt. I am plus size and dont wear clothes
    that stick to me or look like bags on me. I wear a lot of “A” frame or
    babydoll style clothing. SO, an alternative to your basic tshirt would be
    Califia is AWESOME! Wholefoods has them…the “bowling pin” milk – We buy
    the aqua bottle. They make juices too! Its not expensive IMO. HATE stevia –
    tastes so fake! I agree – aspertame
    I have exchanged a purse for a backpack or tote – I am hypoglycemic and
    have to carry drinks and food with me EVERYWHERE I go. Ive been Raw Vegan
    since May 2015.

  3. Could you veganize the cinnabon delights ? Ive seen them all over YouTube,
    and they look awesome but obviously not vegan so I’ve never tried them. :)

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