Accidentally Vegan Recipe: Chocolate Nut Cookies

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Hello! This was a recipe I made when I first moved in to my new place, and I didn’t have butter. Usually when there’s no butter, baked goods taste bland, but this was easily fixed by adding nuts to the dough. I’m not usually vegan, but I would totally make this recipe again for myself, and for my vegan friends.

The Recipe (makes 45 cookies):
– 85 g avocado oil
– 80 g golden cane sugar (brown sugar OK too)
– 150 g oat flour*
– 30 g bread flour*
– 60 g chopped walnuts
– 70 g chocolate chips
– 35 g almond flour
– 60 g quick cook oats
– 6 g vanilla extract
– 4 g salt
– 1 g baking powder
– (opt) 1 packet Darjeeling Tea

*Can use 180 g whole wheat pastry or AP flour if you don’t have oat flour

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