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Today I am going to show you 5 ways to recycle your food & drink cartons! Thanks so much to Tetra Pak for partnering with me and sponsoring this video.

You guys know I am all about the environment, and am constantly pushing you guys to reduce, reuse and recycle. Today I am going to show you 5 ways you can move towards living a more eco-friendly life.

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Tetra Pak cartons hold a variety of products that I use on a daily basis. All the plant based milks I buy, boxed waters when I am out and about, as well as soups and on the go drinks. These cartons are a great alternative to plastic without jeopardizing quality, durability, convenience and the future of our planet. Let me know in the comments section how you plan on doing your part to be more eco-friendly!


5 Ways to Recycle Food and drink cartons:

1-Recycle: Most Tetra Pak cartons can be processed at the same centers with the rest of your other recyclables. Cartons are made of renewable materials from sustainable sourcing, so they help protect natural resources and reduce climate impact. And after they’ve been recycled, cartons can be turned into tissue, paper products, and green building materials.

2-Turn them into Plant pots: I don’t know about you, but I’m completely obsessed with keeping my condo filled with plants. I often clip them and replant them, and never have enough pots for all my plant clippings. Fortunately Tetra Pak cartons are the perfect material, being sturdy and waterproof.

3-Composting: Because I live in a small condo, I don’t like to keep my compost in my kitchen for days, as it starts to smell, takes up a lot of space and can be an eyesore. Instead, I cut off the top of my Tetra Pak cartons and place all my food waste in there while I’m cooking. Then, when I am finished cooking I can take that to the compost chute, and rinse and reuse the carton over and over again. This also cuts down the need to buy those expensive composting bags.

4-Regrow food clippings: Did you know that many of the veggies you buy every week can be regrown in your home from scraps using just water? You can turn your otherwise discarded scraps into a whole new plant ready for you to enjoy a second time around. And you don’t need to go buy a bunch of new pots, you can just use a waterproof recycled Tetra Pak cartons. Fill with water, place the veggie scrap and place in a sunny, warm, and well-ventilated area for best results.

5-Use for crafts: keep your kids busy and creative by reusing your Tetra Pak cartons to make birdfeeders, lanterns, little houses and even snack boxes!

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways to recycle food and drink cartons | Eco-friendly Hacks | The Edgy Veg

  1. In my opinion this is Tetra Pak trying to tell people to keep buying things in tetra paks instead of switching to alternatives made from other more sustainable materials like glass or stopping to buy those things at all (like for example just buying tomatoes and crushing them yourself instead of getting them pre-crushed in a Tetra Pak) juuuust because you can do something else with it which, let’s face it, most people won’t. I think this is a lame excuse and looks awful. Who wants little wonky trash boxes all over their home? Plant clippings look much nicer in an old jam jar. And we all know recycling is not the answer. Preventing trash in the first place is. Because recycling takes a lot of energy and most items never get recycled at all but land somewhere like in the ocean. Tetra Pak should start using biodegradable materials instead. It really should not be the consumer’s job to deal with the packaging afterwards. If we make changes for a more environmentally friendly future, let’s make them properly!

    1. It’s the soap and glory cream highlighter stick! It’s a cruelty free dupe of the benefit watts up (my all time favourite cream highlighter)

  2. I always wondered with the
    Edgy Veg, she is very creative and that is amazing. So why make a vegan alternative to “Common” dishes. When she could make something original. You can inspire people more with originality than a alternative.

  3. I put plants in everything. Cans, tetrapack, old jars, cups.. anything haha. Best use I think.

    *regrowing 2 celery heads and a cabbage! You’re awesome! 🌱

  4. Great video and suggestions 2 and 3 are great recycling ideas. We need to grow more plants and everyone can benefit from having access to gardening even house plants. Gardening is also good for your health because it relieves stress.

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