5 New Year’s Eve Drink Recipes | ANN LE

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Hey guys! Thumbs UP for the New Years! I know it’s Christmas Eve, but i’m already excited to start thinking of how to ring in the New Years Eve celebrations. I want to thank my friends at AlDI for asking me to make some yummy drinks! Today, I am going to show you how to make a few delicious drink recipes for the holidays. These are perfect for not just New Years, but any other celebration too! All of these drinks are perfect for any party or celebration that you might have in mind!

For more great recipes and tasty ideas, go to:


Salted Carmel Coffee bit.ly/2hATg9ebi
Peach Belini
Smores Hot Cocoa
Cranberry Apple Rosinni
Tea and Treats(not really a recipe)

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5 thoughts on “5 New Year’s Eve Drink Recipes | ANN LE

  1. I used a combo of the first drink and the hot chocolate to make a salted
    caramel hot chocolate! It was soooo good! Thanks Ann!

  2. I really like these ideas, especially the cranberry & Proseco cocktail!
    Nice to see Aldi products, too. Gonna try some of these for winter
    entertaining since it’s me + a box of tissues and cough drops ringing in
    the new year.

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