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In the last episode of The Edgy Veg Candice covered some Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas to get your day off to a good start. It seems only natural that she would follow it up with a video full of Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas to keep you going during the day.


Her first Easy Vegan Back to School Lunch Idea is a take on the ever popular kid favorite, the Lunchable. The beauty of the Lunchable is that is easy to pack, easy to eat, and about as well rounded as any store bought lunch for kids could get. Candice steps it up a notch with her version of the Lunchable making it a healthy vegan alternative you can feel good about sending your kids to school with. For her crackers she has gone with her favorite gluten free brand, Mary’s. For cheese she has gone with a vegan alternative cheese that she cut into quarters in classic Lunchable style. She uses vegan sausage and cuts it into round circular pieces for easy stacking. She adds celery sticks, hummus, orange slices, and wraps it all up with a dessert from the Sweets from the Earth company. This one happens to be the caramel apple shortbread. She packs all this into a conveniently sized container that has a section for everything.

Her second Back to School Easy Vegan Lunch Idea is a super simple Mexican inspired combination that anyone, adult or child, would be more than satisfied to find packed in their lunchbox. The prep work for this is a snap. She takes a can of kidney beans, heats them up in small sauce pot and spices them with taco seasoning, then lets them cool down. While their cooling she puts together a quick and easy pico de gallo inspired salad using kale and fresh tomatoes, she also spritzes this with a bit of fresh lemon juice to add a little zing. For an additional snack she adds some carrot sticks and of course moves on to dessert. Any of you who are familiar with Candice know that she is a true chocolate lover, that being the case she adds in some vegan chocolate chips. The last part of this lunch, and without question a crucial one for convenience, is to top it all off with some tortilla chips.

Candice’s last lunch idea is a low cost high end approach. It’s a bit more on the fancy side of things. To create this lunch simply crumble up some tofu and chopped mushrooms into a frying pan, add you favorite spices and cook them down. Next, just put those into a lettuce wrap and top them with some carrots and green onions. Candice added granola to her lunch but you can really feel free to get creative with the sides on this one. She chose granola because it’s a carb, it’s delicious, and it’s also really good for you.

There you have it, 3 easy back to school lunch ideas that will keep you or your student satisfied and healthy.

If you have any easy lunch ideas for back to school you want to share please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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  1. I have the “lunchables” style meal for lunch very frequently. My fave
    “cheese” is the Chao brand creamy original style, or the Follow Your
    Heart/Earth Island provolone style. For the “meat” I like Yves veggie
    pepperoni (its great cause you don’t have to cut it up) or Tofurky peppered

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